Infinity Fiber Locking Spray

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Product Description

About the product
Use Infinity Hair Fiber Hold spray after applying Infinty Hair Fibers for enhanced shine and hold of the hair fibers for up to a week.
Infinity Fiber Locking Spray is designed to create a lasting bond between thinning hair and Infinity Hair Fibers. Apply applying Infinity Hair Fibers, finish with Infinity Fiber Locking Spray for a long lasting natural look.
After applying Infinity Hair Fibers, hold 10-12 inches away from hair and apply 2-4 pumps over the area of where the Ininfity hair fibers have been applied. Spray again if necessary.
Infinity Fiber Locking spray helps to hold the Infinity Hair Fibers in place from shampoo to shampoo and up to a week. Works to help hold the Infinity Hairs Fiber in place against Wind, Rain, Perspiration and other intense conditions.
Infinity Locking Spray can be used with other hair fibers but was specifically designed to work with Infinity Hair Building Fibers.